Portland Music and Your Body


Summer in Portland, OR is abundant with live music.  We have a variety available in all four quadrants of our beautiful Rose City.  It’s an opportunity to explore the parks and venues you may not be familiar with.  Music in the parks is family friendly as well as dog friendly.  Plus it’s FREE to boot!

August is Washington Park’s Summer Festival.  Ten FREE performances in the Rose Garden!  I enjoyed seeing and hearing the talented works of Portland Gay Men’s Choir. For more information check out portlandoregon.gov or pdxpipeline.com


So if you haven’t gotten out there you have plenty more opportunities on the way.  August is usually our warmest weather month, make sure to enjoy it!

Music enters our ears, travels through the ear canals, passes over the cilia (sound receptors) and is passed to the brain.  These musical sounds trigger feelings and memories.  Our bodies have their own vibration and are affected by sound  as it resonates through us.  Musical vibration and sound help to bring our physical and emotional states into balance.  Studies have shown that music reduces stress and anxiety, increases feelings of happiness and promotes higher brain function, especially creative brain function.  Put that to use and learn some new dance moves!