Musicians and Massage Therapy 

Here is a link to an informative article concerning our much appreciated and revered population.  One of my favorite things is to attend live music.  Listening to music can be described in many ways; inspiring, relaxing, exciting, emotional.  I have felt all of these at different times.

As a massage therapist I also experience a live performance with a sense of wonder and curiosity as I watch the musicians, each with their different instrument, each with their own unique style and facial expressions.  I begin to think about how their playing affects their body.  Fingers, hands, arms shoulders and neck all seem to be very active contracting and holding positions and notes.  Flexing and extending so quickly at times our eyes can barely keep track of their movements.

One night of performing could leave a musician feeling achy, over years repetitive strain plays a part.  As the article discusses musicians are like athletes in their field of performance and feats.  Yet they are not thought of as being at risk of injury as a basketball player might be.  They also do not have the same support network.  Worst of all they are less likely to admit to injury or pain for fear of not being seen the same or hired for the next performance.